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     This could be you and your family receiving a commission rebate check from Steve Stigall, the owner of Halfback Realty, shortly after their new home purchase. They received $3,434 which was half of the total commission paid to Halfback Realty. We have given away hundreds of thousands of dollars to customers just like yourself. There are no "strings attached" and you cannot get a better deal without us. Call us today and we look forward to handing you that large commission rebate check at the closing. 
    Halfback Realty was started for the sole purpose of returning our clients with one half back of the commission and bonuses we receive from their new home purchase.The real estate commission on a new home is already built into the price of the home. The sales price on the home you are interested in will be EXACTLY the same WITH or WITHOUT US. You can test this by calling a new home community and asking them if you can get a "better deal" without a real estate agent. They will tell you that the price and incentives will be the same with or without a real estate agent. IF YOU CAN GET A BETTER DEAL WITHOUT US, WE HIGHLY ADVISE YOU TO TAKE IT! However, we can say this because we know having a real estate agent on your deal will have absolutely no effect on the price, incentives, terms of the loan or anything else. Statistics show that the vast majority, approximately 70%, of new homes are indeed sold by real estate agents. The new home builders are very dependant on agents and are more than happy to have you represented by a licensed agent. Our service costs you absolutely nothing since we are paid by the homebuilder. You have thousands to gain and nothing to lose. 
    We work with ANY AND ALL homebuilders from the biggest to the smallest. Our deal with you means that when we close on your property sale, we will either write you a check for one half of our total commission or we can include this rebated amount in your settlement statement in the form of closing costs. We want to do whatever is best for you and your situation. Either way you will be receiving money you would not get without going thru us. If you use the rebate to reduce closing costs it will be handled at the time of closing. If you choose to receive a check at closing, we will be there and present it to you. You will not have to wait 2 - 3 weeks to get your rebate check in the mail from us. We value your business and we want to work with you in your new home purchase. We believe you need to be represented by a licensed real estate agent. When you contact us, you will speak to a live person and if we are speaking to other clients when you call, you will receive a call back within minutes. You will have us to talk to and counsel you. We have no coupons or vouchers to bring to the new home community. You will have us phsically represent you in your largest lifetime purchase.  
         As you can see half of our commission can add up to a sizeable amount. For example, a $100,000 new home purchase with a commission of 5 percent would be $5000. We would give you half of that or $2500. On a $300,000 new home purchase with a 5 percent commission you would receive $7500 from us! This is money, without us, you would have never seen. All the builders pay different amounts in commission. The least we have ever worked for is 3 percent meaning you would receive 1.5 percent of the total sales price. We are happy to split our commission with you. In addition to the commission, sometimes the homebuilder will give the real estate agent a bonus. WE WILL EVEN SPLIT THAT WITH YOU TOO! WHATEVER WE RECEIVE FROM YOUR NEW HOME PURCHASE, YOU WILL GET HALF. 
     Read on and call the number at the top of the page with any questions. We want the next picture on this website to be yours!


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