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It all starts with your phone call. We advise you to call us before you ever start looking for a new home. If you already have, that is fine but there are somethings you will need to know. We are Buyer's Agents which mean we represent you, but we are paid by the seller. As stated before, our service costs you nothing and we will never ask you to sign anything nor will we ask you for one dime. Since we are Buyer's Agents, we work for you and have your best interest in mind.  
      When you visit a new home community, you will be asked by the salesman if you are being represented by a real estate agent, your answer should be "Yes, Steve Stigall at Halfback Realty". If they have never heard of us it does not matter. In most every new home community, you will be asked to fill out a buyer's registration card. On the card, you will see the part about you being represented by a real estate agent. You will need to insert Halfback Realty as the company name and Steve Stigall as your real estate agent. For the phone number, you can use Steve's cell phone number at 713-461-8012. We have a downloadable business card on one of the tabs. Immediately thereafter, contact us and let us know what you have done. Should the salesman tell you that your real estate agent must be present on the first visit, DO NOT FILL OUT THE BUYER'S REGISTRATION CARD! When you enter into a contract to purchase a new home, we will send you a confirmation letter stating the agreement we have with you. It will state the total amount of commission, half of which is going to you. CALL US TODAY AND LET'S GET STARTED. WHY LEAVE MONEY ON THE TABLE!


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