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Every business has hurdles to overcome. Ours is that our offer sounds to good to be true. We hear this over and over again. I guess there are worse problems to have, and we all know that you have to be careful on things you find on the internet. 
     Please understand that we are licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission. We would never, and I mean never, do anything that could compromise our license or our relationship with the Texas Real Estate Commission. Rebates on real estate properties in Texas are completely legal and within the rules of the Texas Real Estate Commission.   
     We want you to trust us and want you to know we will do everything promised on this site. In the same way, we trust you to do everything required to close on your new home.  
     We value your business and we want you to tell your friends and family what a great experience you had dealing with Halfback Realty.  
     A good portion of our business comes from referrals from happy customers. So, stop worrying about our program being some sort of internet scam and relax and start thinking of how you will be spending the extra money you will receive from Halfback Realty.


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